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Luke’s land speeder found in car pound

Posted in Car Tech, Concept Cars by davidallen | June 11th, 2007 | 1 Response |

Yes it is totally true; a land speeder has been spotted in a police car pound in Cedar Grove, Florida. The high performance vehicle whose owners have included Coca Cola and one Luke Skywalker, which is a strange combination but you know how it goes.


The vehicle dates back to the 1980’s (Earth Time) and was originally built for the famous soft drink firm Coca Cola as a promotional vehicle for the product. It is built onto a VW chassis and engine, when the vehicle was being used it was called Coke One!

It is believed that during the 1980’s the vehicle disappeared from public view, which must have been when Luke Skywalker was using it! But suddenly reappeared during 1995, it was at that time when it was actually donated to the Cedar Grove Police Dept, where it has remained ever since.

The local Police Chief Guy Turcotte is planning on getting the land speeder to work again, the body is an ok condition and the engine needs a little work on it to get it working again. Once the car is fully operational it will be put up for auction, and seeing how other famous movie vehicles are doing at auction, there probably will not be a better time to get a great price for this famous vehicle.

Source [Auto Blog]

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  1. Luke Berry says:

    Fantastic I can’t wait to bid.