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Lotus 2-Eleven Stacks it at Nurburgring… Whoops!

Posted in Crashes, Exotic Cars, Expensive Cars, FAIL, Fast Cars, Lotus, Videos by MrAngry | September 14th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

The problem with doing any sort of track event is that there is always the possibility that you could become “that guy”. What I mean by that, is that is at every track day there is usually a driver that has an unfortunate incident and either spins out, or worse yet, stacks his car into the wall. When this happens everyone else at the days event then refers to him as “that guy”. For instance; “Was it THAT GUY who spun coming out of turn 4?” or “Was THAT the GUY that hit the tire wall” or even better still, “Oh… THAT’s the GUY who took out 4 cars when he missed the apex”. The driver of this very nice Lotus 2-Eleven unfortunately found out what the above experience is like when he lost control and planted his little yellow beastie against the wall at the Nurburgring. Thankfully though the only thing that looks to be hurt is his ego and some bodywork.

Source: YouTube.com

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