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Lori Delgado Resigns After Affair With Co-Anchor Sours, Leads To Scratched Lexus

Posted in General by Suzanne Denbow | October 9th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

This week, NBC 10 Philadelphia anchorwoman Lori Delgado formally resigned from her post after an affair with former co-anchor, Vince DeMentri, turned sour. According to reports, DeMentri and Delgado were engaged in an illicit affair with one another until one of the lovers (presumably Delgado), ended the relationship. Shortly thereafter, Delgado became the victim of an odd series of events, including the apparently malicious reorganization of her desktop as well as the vandalism of her Lexus while parked in the NBC10 lot. In relation to the events, Delgado’s former lover was questioned, ultimately yielding to Dementri’s dismissal from the station in August. On September 16, a praecipe was entered the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court by DeMentri’s attorney, naming both Delgado and an NBC security official amongst complaints of, “libel, slander and misrepresentation.”

On Tuesday, NBC 10’s new director, Chris Blackwell, issued a memo addressing “I wanted to let you let you know that Lori Delgado has resigned from NBC10 to spend more time with her family. We thank Lori for her contributions to the station and wish her well.”

[News Source: Philly.com]

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