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London’s Red Double-Decker Buses Go Hydrogen-Powered Green

Posted in Aston Martin, Design, Electric Cars, Emissions, Environment, Newsworthy, Roads, Traffic, Travel by Vito Rispo | December 20th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

The iconic double-decker Routemaster buses that used to service London up until 2005 will be making a comeback in a new, eco-friendly form. As part of his election campaign this year, London Mayor Boris Johnson promised to run a competition for a new style of Routemaster buses. Well the competition is over and two first place proposals have been chosen from the group of 700+ entries. Aside from being the one to design the next generation of buses for London, the first place winners also were awarded £25,000 pounds each.

One of the winners comes from an interesting source, Aston Martin. The company actually entered the competition in partnership with the architectural firm Foster and Partners. Their design is a zero-emissions double-decker with solar panels built into a glass roof and wooden floors. Hopefully they’ll have the same spiral staircases that the old buses had. The contract for the manufacture of the first new bus will be awarded by the end of 2009 and the vehicles should hit the roads by at least 2011. Check out some pictures of the new design:

Aston Martin and Foster + Partners entry

Capoco Design Ltd entry

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    I like the Aston Martin version,the other one is well fugly. It would be great to see modern routemasters driving around london,people love those hop-on hop-off buses,they are part of London and should remain so.