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London takes aim at gas guzzlers and congestion with increased CO2 Fee

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Congestion zone

After already increasing the fee to drive high CO2 producing cars to the equivalent of $25 the leaders of London are considering another increase. If their new plan goes into effect it will be costing gas guzzling Londoners what would amount to a daily fee of $50 U.S.

London is charging hard against their congestion issues and pollution concerns. The hope is that by charging such an exorbitant amount they will be able to discourage some people from further adding to the traffic on busy city streets. In turn they hope it will encourage people in London to use the Mass-Transits available or drive smaller, less polluting cars.

The CO2 bar is set at 225g per kilometer and is set to target high end sports cars and SUV’s. The ultimate goal of the fee system may be to lead to an all out ban on high-performance cars and other high CO2 emitters.

While the aim of London politicians of decreasing congestion on the city streets, improving the air quality and decreasing their global carbon foot-print is absolutely noble it truly only goes after one factor of the total problem. If they are investing the fee revenues they collect into alternative fuels or other strategies that reduce the cities total CO2 output then that is money well managed. 

Despite the fee system the reality is that combustion engines are here and will still be in the majority for at least a decade or two when or if a replacement solution has been found. Placing an all out ban on older cars is not a just or viable solution. Finding a means to make cars like my 1970 Mustang both fast and environmentally friendly, however,  would be the invention of the century (well, to some of us at least).


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