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London Scooter Life – Circa 1962

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London Scooter Life 1962

I’m a huge fan of vintage motorcycles and scooters. They have a look and feel that’s unique, and for some reason take us back to a time that was a bit less complicated. In major cities like London and Rome scooters were and still are very popular. However here in the United States, they’re simply not all that common. Stop and think about it for a moment and you’ll soon realize that scooters are one of the fastest and easiest ways to get around a large metropolitan area. They’re quick, compact and can be parked in the smallest of spaces. The downfall – you can easily be flattened by motorists or cab drivers that can’t see you. The video below shows us how scootering got its stride after WWII, and in the process gave way to an entire new industry. With its goofball narration it’s definitely a bit hokey to watch, however if you’ve got a spare 8:05 in your schedule then press play as I think you’ll enjoy it.

Source: Hemmings

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