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Live LeMans 24 hours race stats

Posted in General by davidallen | May 31st, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Sounds good? Well it should do, because this application has everything that a race fan would want to see at a glance all on one page:


Live News
The exact Le Mans time
Lap times
Lap position
Race events
Picture, web cams
Background information

The developer Thomas Baekdal, who apparently is not much of a sports fan, but is very keen on the LeMans 24 Hours and who could blame him for that!

So what we have here is an application that could threaten to outdo any TV coverage for this and any other sport like this, so why are we jumping with joy? The simple fact is that due to licensing and copyright laws this application cannot be allowed to be aired to the public, because the governing bodies of the LeMans race have their own deals with advertisers and the media.

Thomas Baekdal is believed to have offered LeMans.org and Club24 the opportunity to incorporate it into the whole LeMans race experience, which we will have to wait to hear the outcome of this, but naturally there will be a cost attached to access it, so whatever happens, this application will disappear from the eyes of the non paying public.

Source [Autoblog]

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