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Live From Pebble Beach – The Hyundai Equus, Lexus LF-A Racer, and Tramontana

Posted in Auto Show, Hyundai, Lexus, New Cars, Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, Supercars by Alex Kierstein | August 13th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |

We’re here at Pebble Beach for the Tour d’Elegance, when all the trailer queens brave the wilds of 17 Mile Drive, a private road that costs $9.25 just to drive on. Not exactly the realm of Lord Humungus, really. Anyhow, on the way to see the parade of rarified metal creak by, we happened upon the Hyundai, Lexus, and Tramontana tents … they’re here to show off their goods to the jaded Bentley-philes. Thankfully they didn’t have to loudly hawk them, roasted-chestnuts-in-a-Dickens-novel-style. The cars speak for themselves.

Equus 1

We have to say we were suitably impressed with the Hyunai Equus in the flesh. We reported last week that Hyundai is serious about bringing the huge sedan stateside, and after spending some time in and around it, we say bring it on.

Equus 3

Definitely putting off a vibe somewhere inbetween Lexus and Infiniti (the latter especially inside), it seems totally appropriate for Super-Size American appetites.

And then there was the Lexus LF-A racer, complete with track damage and a lot of shiny duct-tape like material. Fresh from the ‘Ring, no doubt.


Finally, the Tramontana. What can we say? As insane as it looks in pictures, in person it looks like … well, it’s hard not to parrot everyone else who’s seen it in person and declared, “it looks like a jet!” And it does … as we reported earlier when one was sighted on a Swiss airstrip painted up with fighter livery.

Tramontana 2

And not any weak sauce Leerjet, neither. We’re talking a blow-your-ass-outta-the-sky-with-a-Sidewinder-missile jet. And take a look at that twin-turbocharged V12 nestled in the back of the mostly carbon fiber chassis. We could have spend an hour just examing the composite’s weave. Very impressive.

Tramontana 1

We’re off to gawk at more automitive finery. Check back soon for more!

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