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Linux Geeks, Riverdance Fans Rejoice: The Open-Source Riversimple Car Forthcoming

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And you two groups of slightly socially inept folks though you had nothing in common! You Linux nerds hate proprietary technology, and what is more proprietary than insidious Celtic dancing? And you Riverdance fans, afraid to expose yourself to public ridicule, hide in the shadows. Hide no longer! The Riversimple is here! A hydrogen city car with a name seemingly inspired by the fancy footwork of Micheal Flatley. Its open-source concept ensures that no one involved will make money, and the silly name will mean it is ridiculed almost as often as the similarly silly-named Riverdance!

Click through for a less nonsensical description of this concept.

riversimple 1

Surely you’ve intuited that the Riversimple shares nothing with Riverdance other than a stupid name, so if you didn’t get the joke … it was a joke. Now onto the car: it will apparently (grain of salt ready?) go 50 MPH, get 200 miles on a tank of hydrogen, delivering approximately 300 MPG. It will be leased for $315 per month. Furthermore, it will be distributed through an open-source method where the engineering plans will be given to a non-profit foundation to distribute those plans to local contractors manufacturing the vehicles for local conditions. Of course, there are holes in the PR here so big you could drive a truck through. How will this distribution model be competitive with the economies of scale reached by multinational corporate automakers? Who the hell wants a car called Riversimple? Who let these people talk to the BBC? We remain HIGHLY skeptical of this “revolutionary” idea. We all remember how much the Segway changed the world of transportation …

[Source: BBC]

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