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Lindsay Lohan’s New Ride: L.A.P.D Style.

Posted in Celebrity Cars, Crashes, FAIL, General, Newsworthy by MrAngry | July 21st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Lindsay Lohan

I think it’s common knowledge by now that Lindsay Lohan is an idiot. Yes, she can sing and yes she’s mildly good looking, but it’s been proven time and time again that she’s got nothing between those ears of hers. Believe it or not but this bubble-head, at one time anyway actually drove a pretty hot ride. A blacked out Mercedes SL65 was her choice steed, that was until she crashed it into a tree in 2007 and then proceeded to run away from the paparazzi like a 4 year old boy.

After stacking the SL65 (check the video at the 4 minute mark) she was downgraded (just like her star status) to a messily old Mercedes-Benz SL550… oh the humanity. Her latest ride is an even a bigger fall from grace and has been provided to her by the good folks from the L.A.P.D. It weighs in at about 4000 lbs, puts out about 250 hp and has been the favorite amongst law enforcement for transporting everything from deadbeat Dads to self-destructing pop-singers… you know, like Lindsey Lohan. Odds are Lindsay is going to be out of the pokey within a few weeks when she’ll no doubt say that she’s either found God or turned further to the dark side. Either way though we’ll be following her just to see what kind of 4-wheeled machine she decides to trash next.

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