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Lincoln RWD: The Concept car to show up in Detroit auto show

Posted in Cars, Design, Ford, Lincoln by Somu Muthuswamy | December 17th, 2006 | Leave a Reply |

Ford is expected to reveal Lincoln RWD concept in auto show at Detroit this time. This news has drawn the attention of car enthusiasts and the manufacturers. When Ford GT was revealed a couple of years ago, car lovers are eagerly waiting for the auto show to begin, just to see another masterpiece from Ford, hope Ford lives up to the expectation of its fans.

Earlier this year the car enthusiast had to bid a bye to Ford GT, and this Lincoln revelation will definitely come as a consolation for them from Ford. Lincoln is also surrounded by some rumors before it could actually be unveiled at Detroit and creates hype among people. There were some rumors that Lincoln was based on a same platform of Ford Australia’s next generation Falcon. However the Australian sources have denied these rumors, other than confirmation of making debut at Detroit nothing has been revealed such as technical specs, car styling or even price.

Lets wait for a few more weeks to have a look at the LINCOLN RWD.

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