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Limited Edition Digitizer Track Bike Priced at $5,000.

Posted in Cool Stuff, Custom, General, Motorcycle, Videos by MrAngry | November 26th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

Man oh man… I am way behind the times when it comes to the pricing on bicycles. When I was a kid you could go out and buy a top of the line bike like a Colnago or Pinarello complete with Campagnolo components for around $900.00. Nowadays though a good bike will cost upwards of $5,000, which to me is simple lunacy. Take this limited edition Digitizer track bike for example, a bike that exists due to a collaborative effort between Japanese artist Kenzo Minami and Affinity Cycles. This two wheeled creation is supposed to explore the intersection of form, function and design by way of colorful imagery placed on the Affinity’s “Kissena” track bike frame.

Digital Bike

Artist Kenzo Minami states, “Within the chaos of visual information found on the city streets it is important that the design allows the bicycle to stand out and be recognized by both pedestrians and cars alike.”

Now, while that may all be well and good, you still wouldn’t be able to convince me to spend 5-large on a bicycle… hell, I’d just take the subway instead.

Source: Bornrich.org

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2 Responses

  1. eddie says:

    i read a article in the NYpost about older guys riding expensive bikes in central park as”status symbols”,thats what it has come to,sorry aint it.

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