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Lil Wayne Balks At $80k Bentley Tab, Is Still Purportedly A “Young Money Millionaire/Tougher Than Nigerian Hair”

Posted in Bentley, Cars, Celebrity Cars, Custom, Expensive Cars, Luxury Cars, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | September 16th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Back in January, a California auto custom house reportedly held Lil Wayne’s 1999 Bentley Arnage as collateral on an $80,000 bill the Cash Money Millionaire had left unpaid. According to the lawsuit filed by the custom shop owner, LeMark Andre, Lil’ Wayne agreed to pay at least $120,000 for the service and storage of his Bentley, but reneged on over half the total.So far, Andre says that Lil Wayne has covered the charges related to the the actual work performed, but refuses to pay the $80k storage-related fees. We suspect the enterprising young rap mogul neglected to read the fine print, and wasn’t expecting to be billed for storage of the Bentley…it’s a real shame, knowledge is power, yo.

Read The Official Court Documents At The Smoking Gun [News & Photo Source: The Smoking Gun]

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