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Lexus still #1 luxury brand in U.S. for 2010 – BMW plans rearmament with new 5-Series.

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2011 BMW 5-Series

For the last decade Lexus has been the #1 luxury brand in the United States. With no less than eleven luxury models offered, they’ve managed to put the stronghold on such brands as BMW and Mercedes, and this is in spite of the Lexus recall crises. BMW however is not taking this lightly and wants their old #1 spot back and plans on doing so with the release of the new 2011 5-series. Ian Robertson, BMW global sales chief, stated that:

“Effectively, we’ve run out our existing 5 Series and won’t launch our new 5 Series until June, so a full-year effect won’t be felt.”

2011 BMW 5-Series

The 5-series is a bread and butter car for BMW and represents 25% of their U.S. sales and because of this BMW has a lot riding on the new design. BMW AG board member for R&D, Klaus Draeger said:

“The new 5-series is how a BMW sedan should be with aesthetics and efficient dynamics.”

The U.S. luxury sedan market is a tough place to be right now with brands like Mercedes, Infiniti, Cadillac and Lexus all pining for the same crown. For BMW to get the crown back means they have a lot of work to do. I just hope they have something else up their sleeve aside from a newly redesigned 5-series.

Source: 4wheelsnews.com

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  1. Purebred Only says:

    ..Lexus is just a re-branded Toyota with some fancy wood grain and a leather interior. Slap a “L” on the front of it and raise the price, and you have a “luxury” vehicle that Americans just want to buy…