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Lexus Recalls LS Models Worldwide For Potential Steering Defect

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Lexus LS460L

As you would expect, Toyota has become a bit gun-shy on recalls after writing a $16.4 million check to the U.S. Government. Despite receiving only 12 complaints to date, Toyota is voluntarily recalling 11,500 LS460, LS460L, LS600h and LS600hL models for a potential defect with the electronic steering system. All Japanese domestic market LS sedans come equipped with the electronic steering control and will be recalled; the feature is optional on models for the EU and the United States. Owners will be contacted by Lexus, but those with concerns can reach the Lexus customer service hotline at (800) 255-3987.

Although Toyota has paid the NHTSA fine for the sticking pedal issue, they remain under investigation by the NHTSA for two additional delayed recalls. The first involves the floor mat entrapment of the accelerator pedal, and the NHTSA must first prove that this is a separate issue from the sticking accelerators for which Toyota was already fined. The second delayed recall was for defective steering rod assemblies on Toyota pickup trucks and 4Runner SUVs. If found at fault for delaying these recalls, Toyota faces another $16.4 million fine for each recall.

Source: Lexus to recall 11,500 LS model sedans over steering issue

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