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Lexus LF-Ch Concept Will Draw Confused Looks in Frankfurt

Posted in Car Photography, Concept Cars, Hybrid, Hybrid Technologies, Lexus by Alex Kierstein | September 8th, 2009 | Leave a Reply |


Stripped of the Lexus badge, this new hybrid hatchback concept could be just about anything. And what’s with the chemistry-experiment name? What happens with you combine Lexusium with chlorine, anyhow? While my first reaction on seeing this car was thinking that this must be what a defeated fugu must look like just before being diced up by a master chef into a potentially fatal meal, on second glance I decided it bore an uncanny resemblance to the Honda CR-Z concept – also a hatchback, and (shockingly) also a hybrid. Coincidence? We think probably not. While we’ll have to wait for Frankfurt to get the entire story behind this new styling exercise, we’ll put what details we have and another pic after the jump.


Fortunately for onlookers, the rear end looks less like a dead fish and more like something you might want to be seen (alive) in. But nonetheless, these pictures beg the question, what exactly is this thing going to be, if it is turned into a production car? Sources claim that this will be a European-only competitor with cars such as the BMW 1-Series and the Audi A3, so if that’s the case then it will likely not simply be a hatchback version of the gussied-up Prius we know around these parts as the HS250h. But will it be a proper hybrid sportscar, or just vaguely resemble one? As we said earlier, all you questions will be answered come Frankfurt, so hold yer horses until then.

[Source: Autoblog]

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