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Lexus CT Concept Makes A Sketchy Pre-Frankfurt Debut

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Scheduled to premiere in just a few short weeks at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Lexus concept has remained a tightly guarded secret following the confirmation of its existence last year. Designed exclusively for the European market, the Lexus luxury hatch – purportedly carrying the nameplate “CT” – is the white-collar interpretation of a funky five-door (or 3-door, not even that much has been revealed) intended to serve as bait for the new emerging group of younger luxury car buyers. It’s expected to compete with the likes of the BMW 1-Series and the Volvo C30, so options, power, and pricing are likely to be comparable, which is essentially the only thing we can report with confidence. Aside from the single teaser sketch leaked by Lexus this morning, we know as much about the Lexus CT as your little sister does about big block engines.

As is tradition, we expect more information to be released on the Lexus CT (including its official name) the closer we get to Frankfurt’s opening.

Source: Lexusthe

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  1. Gerald says:

    it look like i should be in the car