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Is This Your First Time Loading A Bike?

Posted in Crashes, FAIL, Motorcycle, Videos by Kurt Ernst | January 8th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Ever try to load a heavy streetbike into a four-wheel-drive pickup? Every try to do this with a broken thumb, because you just crashed that very same streetbike? Unfortunately, I can answer yes to both questions, and I can also tell you that aluminum ramps meant for loading dirtbikes are good for “one time use” only when you’re dealing with the heavy stuff. The key thing is maintaining momentum, as the unlucky rider in this video learned the hard way.

Hopefully, the bike was insured and “Steve” walked away with no more than a bruised ego. As puckering as it sounds, you want to have a decent head of steam heading up the ramp, since gravity is working against you. If you’re not familiar with the bike, it’s probably a good idea to get help from someone who has more time in the saddle. If you’re buying a bike from out of state and don’t want to ride it home, consider hiring a company that specializes in moving bikes, like Federal Motorcycle Transport (who I can personally recommend). It isn’t cheap, but it’s a whole lot less expensive than a wrecked bike and a stay in the hospital if things go south.

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