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Jay Leno Drives The Aptera Electric

Posted in Alt Fuels, auto industry, Bizarre, Car Tech, Commuter Cars, Electric Cars, Electric Vehicles, Emissions, Environment by Alex Kierstein | May 20th, 2009 | 1 Response |

<i>Not footwear!</i>

Not footwear!

This is the Aptera 2e – an all-electric 3-wheeler. You might have seen it at Payless Shoes any number of green/techie blogs. Another over-hyped, looks-like-a-golf-cart, “goes 2.3 miles on a charge” vaporware ride? Jay Leno finds out.

To be honest, when Leno invites a “guest” car onto his JLG show, he usually lets them off pretty easy. But if you look beyond his “oohing” and “aahing,” he seems to make a case that the Aptera is actually a pretty cool shoe ride. The test car looks very finished, and seems to work as advertised. Nothing fell off or exploded, no kittens were mauled, and no one went blind as a result of gazing upon the durned thing. If you’re craving something to make those lowly Prius drivers green with envy (insert rimshot here), this might be the ticket. If you want to take a corner at more than 3 MPH, maybe not.

So are we going to buy one? Only if RideList turns into a Dr. Scholl’s distributor.

[Source: Jay Leno’s Garage]

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One Response

  1. Adam Kierstein says:

    Jay Leno’s Garage needs to hire someone other than Jay Leno’s camera man because the camera work is really distracting. When’s this thing going to fly away?