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Lebron James Has A Serious Car Jones

Posted in AMG, Celebrity Cars, Dodge, Expensive Cars, Ferrari, General, Hummer, Luxury Cars, Maybach, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover by Kurt Ernst | July 8th, 2010 | 1 Response |
Lebron James Maybach 57S

A white Maybach 57S with 'King of Ohio' plates - I wonder who that could be.

Lebron James has some tough choices ahead of him. The NBA free agent is the darling of the league, and finds himself in the enviable position of being able to play for any team that can afford him. The most current rumors have him headed to Miami, which is just about ground zero for obscenely rich car guys. Even James’ custom Maybach 57 will be just another car on the streets of South Beach. Of course he could fool us all and sign with New York, where even his F430 would blend in with the crowd.

So what else does Lebron James drive? The list is extensive, and cars seem to come and go. Below are just a few of the cars associated with the King of Ohio, and I think you’ll agree that he’s got some pretty decent taste when it comes to rides.

Dodge Challenger SRT

LeBron James' Dodge Challenger SRT

Done up in the colors of the Dallas Cowboys, the car rolls on what looks to be 22” rims. I’m not a Cowboys fan so I’d have to take a pass on this particular car, but props to James for going with an American muscle car as part of his collection. If you ask me, he needs to balance it with a 1970 Hemi Challenger drop top. LeBron, just hit me up if you’d like me to track one down for you.

Ferrari F430 Spider

Lebron James' Ferrari F430

You probably wondered the same thing I did: would 6’8” tall Lebron James even fit in a Ferrari F430? The answer is yes, once it’s been worked over by Will Castro and Unique Autosports. The F43 features stretched seats with LB logos replacing the prancing horses, a custom stereo and aftermarket but tasteful rims.

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG

Lebron James' S63 AMG

Think “understated elegance” and you get the idea behind this car. White with color matched wheels, the only flashy thing on this ride is Jame’s logo swap; instead of wearing the usual S63 badge on the trunk, his ride sports L23 for his first initial and his Cavaliers jersey number.

Hummer H2

Lebron James Hummer H2

James' Hummer H2, after its 2007 redo.

A gift from his mother on James’ 18th birthday, his yellow Hummer H2 prompted an investigation as to whether or not James could still be considered an amateur athlete. The 2003 H2 received a complete makeover from Unique Autosports in 2007, and sports 28” wheels, a custom grille and ebony paint. The inside received a complete reworking, including a state of the art touchscreen computer (with mobile internet, of course).

James also drives a white Range Rover and has donated two Kias (won as league MVP in 2009 and 2010) to charity. Kia, unfortunately, requires the winner to keep the vehicle for one year, delaying his gift to the Akron Urban League and the SUMMA Foundation.

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  1. Those are some nice cars…I guess 100 million dollars can buy you a lot these days…He deserves it…