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The Honda FCX Clarity: Lease a Hydrogen Car in California

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The Honda FCX Clarity

The Toyota Prius finally has some competition in the ultra-green category. Honda has begun the consumer test run of it’s zero-emission hydrogen car, the FCX Clarity. About 200 select drivers will be able to lease the Clarity for $600 a month, but only in California. They’re limiting the cars to California because that state has the most developed infrastructure of hydrogen refueling stations. There will be more added in time, but as for now, only Cali residents like Jamie Lee Curtis and Hollywood producer Ron Yerxa are able to drive hydrogen.

The FCX Clarity costs about $20 to fill up, gets a combined fuel economy equivalent to 74 mpg (three times the fuel efficiency of a modern gasoline-powered automobile), and has a driving range up to 280 miles. The Clarity is powered by an electric motor that runs on the electricity generated in the hydrogen fuel cell. And just like all hydrogen powered vehicles, its only emission is water. Drinkable H2O.

No matter how small the number of available cars, this is still big news. As of right now, there are hydrogen Hondas out there in the hands of consumers. And this is only the beginning. It’ll be a while before they’re mainstream since we have to get a whole refueling infrastructure set up, but we’ve taken the first step. The future is now people. Toyota will get in on it, Mazda will ramp up the hydrogen rotary engine cars they have planned, everyone will start it up. Get ready for flying cars and laser beams.

Not a Honda FCX Clarity, just an artist’s rendition of THE FUTURE

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