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Learn To Wheelie With Chris Pfeiffer

Posted in Cool Stuff, How To, Motorcycle by Kurt Ernst | March 27th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Chris Pfeiifer saves money on front tires.

Chris Pfeiffer is a world class stunter and BMW spokesman; you’d think that the two would be mutually exclusive, since BMW is a respectable motorcycle brand known for their slow but reliable sport-touring bikes. At least they used to be, until the boys from Berlin launched the S1000 RR, proving that Germany can build a sportbike capable of kicking sand in the face of the Japanese. They followed this act with the hoon-flavored F800 R “urban bike”; in other words, a bike designed for things like wheelies, stoppies and general disregard of traffic laws. In the video below, Chris Pfeiffer uses his heavily modified F650 to teach us how to do wheelies, after an eleven second disclaimer from BMW telling us not to try this at home, and especially not in a parking garage filled with concrete pillars.

Pfeiffer’s instructions work best on a bike with low to moderate horsepower, or one with a longer wheelbase. I’d never suggest you try this yourself, but I’ve also heard that closing the throttle then whacking it open in first or second gear is another effective way of preventing front tire wear, especially with short wheelbase, higher horsepower bikes. Remember Pfeiffer’s tips about the rear brake and throttle, because I’ve seen far too many riders go ass over elbow riding their first wheelie. If you see nothing but blue sky through your visor, gassing the bike probably isn’t going to end well.

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