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Learn To Hoon With Chris Pfeiffer: The Stoppie

Posted in Cool Stuff, How To, Motorcycle Rides by Kurt Ernst | March 29th, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Chris Pfeiffer wants you to not try this at home...

Just a few days ago, Chris Pfeiffer showed you how to do a wheelie. Of course this was for research purposes only, since neither BMW Motorcycles (who produced the video) nor your friends at RideLust would ever encourage you to do something that dangerous. In fact, we recommend you stay safely glued to your computer, refreshing RideLust for updates, while the world passes you by outside your window. It’s really in your best interest, since anything we do or talk about here comes with inherent risk that we can’t ask you to take.

At least that would be the case if we were lawyers, but we’re not so hoon at your own risk. The number two video in BMW’s “how to crash your motorcycle in several easy lessons” series is below; this time Chris Pfeiffer gives your tips on how to do a stoppie. My own advice on doing stoppies is even more succinct: don’t, unless you really want to know what missing front teeth and ruptured testicles feel like.

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