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Leaf Nismo RC Rides the Wind

Posted in EcoLust, Nissan by Dustin Driver | May 20th, 2011 | 1 Response |

the leaf rides the wind
lightning in its belly
mother earth cheers

The Nissan Leaf Nismo RC. It’s a Nissan Leaf wrapped in carbon fiber and dipped in matte black paint. And it’s wicked. Hit the jump to watch it yowl around a track.The Nissan Leaf Nismo RC is a sickening little jelly bean of a car, a vehicle so cute you want to puke. But Nissan knows how to make fiendishly dark automobiles. Example: GT-R. It’s a proper samurai. A fat samurai with too many electronic gizmos, but a samurai nonetheless. The Leaf RC is the child of the two, an angry little Pok√©mon with something to prove.

The car is based on a standard Leaf, but it’s lower, longer and wider. There’s a lot of carbon fiber in there, too, and tons of Nismo suspension bits. A big wing sits out back, just to remind you this little Leaf is all business on the track.

Nissan recently gave the Leaf Nismo RC to racer Tsugio Matsuda for testing. His verdict? Very fun to drive on the track. Huh.

The visionaries at Nissan foresee electric race series held indoors or at night. They imagine drivers chatting with other drivers or even the audience while piloting their whisper-quiet racers at triple digits. Really.

The Leaf Nismo RC isn’t completely quiet, however. In fact, it sounds like a proper UFO, a whining, whooshing, wailing testament to technology. Check out the video and hear for yourself.

It has potential. It looks good, sounds good, and from what Tsugio says, drives good as well. Will it be as exciting to watch as a gas-guzzling racer? Only time will tell.

The real hope here is that Nissan will let some of the car’s style and technology trickle down to a consumer model. Nissan Leaf GT-R, perhaps? Now that would be an exciting electric vehicle.


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One Response

  1. Set says:

    I dunno about night racing with headlights, might have to be a short race! Moreover, endurance racing is right out, unless they come up with a way to swap out the battery packs quickly (that could be fun, though).