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Latest DiRT 3 Trailer Has Something For (Almost) Everyone

Posted in General, Racing, Rally, Video Games by Kurt Ernst | December 19th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

DiRT 3 Teaser Trailer Video

If you’re a fan of FIA Rally, Ken Block, classic rally cars or even Pink Floyd, you’ll find something to like about Codemasters’ upcoming release, DiRT 3. This teaser has great visuals of Block racing stages in Kenya, Finland, Norway and Monaco, before cutting to a slow-motion gymkhana run through the abandoned Battersea power station, just outside of London. If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, you’ll recognize the Battersea plant from the cover of Animals, and it’s one of the easily recognized structures in all of the UK. There’s a brief shot of a classic Ford RS200 Evolution, and I certainly hope the game lets you get behind the wheel of one. Codemasters hasn’t given a firm release date yet (other than 2011), so let’s hope they don’t get sidetracked adding content. Sure, driving a 1978 Ford Escort RS1800 would be cool, but don’t push the launch back by another 11 months just to add it to the game.

Let’s hope the physics are a little bit more realistic than they look in the game, since some of the jumps seem a little enhanced. Maybe it’s just the video editing, or the blending of scenes from multiple environments. Let’s also hope it’s not as frustrating to play as Gran Turismo 5, which seems to require yet another 20 minute long update each week (not to mention the five minute start-up each time you launch the game). Maybe it’s a Japanese thing, and they’re simply trying to teach the rest of the world the virtue of patience.

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2 Responses

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  2. Set says:

    I’m really hoping it’s more like the first game, less like the second, in the physics department. Plus, the first had big rig hill climbs. Who doesn’t love that?