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Last Run of the “HEMI Under Glass”.

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If you’re into drag racing, then you’re no doubt familiar with with the car in the above video. What is today one of the most recognizable drag cars in existence, the HEMI Under Glass was created solely by accident back in 1965. By placing a blown HEMI engine in the back of a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda it was thought traction would be increased and drag times would drop. Traction was indeed improved, so much so in fact that the car couldn’t keep the front wheels on the ground. Back then fans and racers would gather at the drag strip to not only watch the races, but the “exhibition” cars as well. These cars were machines that were built not as head to head racers, but as show pieces to thrill and excite audiences between competition runs. Bob Riddle was the driver of the HEMI Under Glass for 39 years and talks about what it was like to drive one of the baddest, most ridiculous and most popular drag cars ever created.

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