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Land Rover Puma Concept: Post-Apocalyptic Party Wagon

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6X4 Puma Concept
Land Rover Defender: 6X4 Puma Concept

The Defender, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, is unfortunately not available in the U.S. due to trivialities like airbags and safety.  But if you happen to be in Southeast Asia and are looking to stage a political coup with a few dozen of your closest insurgent military friends, take the Puma Concept for a spin.  (Rocket launcher sold separately).

Land Rover Puma Concept
Land Rover Puma Concept

The Land Rover Defender seems an obvious choice for a military conversion given its already no-frills off-roading capabilities.  So to make it even more war-ready, Land Rover Malaysia and Sasbilt Technologies Malaysia added a couple more wheels and a camouflage paint job to spawn the 6×4 puma.  Clearly geared towards military applications, the Defender 6×4 Puma features an extra-long wheelbase.  The increased cargo capacity that this size creates can be used to fit an electric generator to power the powerful radio and satellite needed to communicate with team members, as well as accommodate 4 passengers.  Also the vehicle can drive with all six wheels or through just four.  According to press releases, this concept was born out of the idea to supply a versatile VSAT satellite vehicle which can be used in the battlefield. The vehicle will be powered by a 2.4 liter turbodiesel engine Ford Duratorq Puma engine.  Reports are that the Puma has generated a lot of interest from Malaysian Armed Forces. 

I am not to certain how this long vehicle will work in the battlefield even though Land Rovers have always been known for how great they are off-road.  It surely is not the most sprite or maneuverable looking concept I’ve ever seen.  The extra long wheel-base, which is a necessity for the types of uses mentioned above, looks like it  could easily become stuck when it has to go over a hump in a ravine  What I REALLY can’t wait for is to see one of these here in America.  No, I don’t think the U.S. military will be picking up a contract for the Puma.  I’m thinking of all those sweet 16 and post-prom parties with screaming teenagers from N.J. hanging out of the gun ports.  Everyone knows, it’s a rite of passage to call in a carpet bombing for your bar mitzvah.

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