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New Lamborghini Estoque Teaser Shots Bring 4 More Reasons To Hate Your Middle Class Life

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What began as a couple of teaser shots and few well-educated guesses has devolved into the official preliminary specifications for Lamborghini’s new 4-door performance sedan offering, the Lamborghini Estoque. Continuing the Lamborghini tradition of bestowing upon their vehicles terms synonymous with bull fighting, “Estoque” is a special sword used by Spanish bullfighters.

Namesake aside, the Lamborghini Estoque is a noticeable break from the Lamborghini fold. Unlike Lamboghini’s two current, rear-engined offerings, the V-10 Gallardo and the V-12 Murcielago, the Estoque’s engine will be mounted in the front behind the front axle. Although full disclosure regarding engine size has been postponed until the official Paris reveal, company sources hint that the production version of the Estoque could be fitted with an engine even smaller than Lamborghini’s current smallest offering, the 5.0L V-10 Gallardo.

Teaser shot gallery after jump

Currently, Lamborghini intends to sell about 3,000 units of the Estoque per year, effectively making it more exclusive than its direct competitor, the Porsche Panamera, which has yearly output plans in the 20,000 range.

[News Source: Auto News, Photo Cred: Auto Express]

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