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Lamborghini Driver Almost Burned Alive Due to Safety Team Incompetence. (Watch With Caution)

Posted in Crashes, Expensive Cars, Lamborghini, Newsworthy, Racing, Scandal, Videos by MrAngry | May 25th, 2010 | 2 Responses |

It’s no secret that when you’re racing a car on the track things can go wrong. Mishaps and crashes occur all the time at venues the world over and because of this there special highly trained safety teams that are there to get you out of harms way… or so you would think. At a raceway in Brno, in the Czech Republic during the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo race series, driver Giorgio Bartocci crashes into a barrier resulting in his car being completely engulfed in flames. During this video you can clearly see the “supposed” safety units have absolutely no idea what the hell they are doing and as opposed to concentrating on pulling the driver out of the wreckage to safety, they focus more on putting the pavement around the car out. The ill-trained manner in which the safety team came to the aid of Bartocci was simply disgusting and the fact that their equipment was only semi-functional is simply a travesty of the highest proportion.

Bartocci was not freed from the fiery wreckage until one of his co-drivers and crew members physically pulled him out of the car. The scariest part of the entire scenario is the amount of people on the track that just stood around and watched as the terror unfolded. As a driver this scenario is something that happens in your worst nightmare, as a spectator it’s something that makes you rethink how dangerous motor sports can actually be.

Source: Jalopnik

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2 Responses

  1. ds440 says:

    Just awful. Additionally, if I was the sanctioning body, I would be very concerned with the manner in which that Lambo disintegrated. It appears as if the seat belts completely failed and the onboard extinguisher system was ejected from car! On top of an inept safety crew….talk about the ‘perfect storm’….that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Hopefully, the driver fully recovers, and what could have been a tragedy, becomes a lesson.

  2. Kurt says:

    If I understand correctly, this was an FIA sanctioned race. Heads need to roll over this, because I would expect far better emergency response at an SCCA Regional event.

    Had that been a teamate of mine, I’d have yanked the extinguisher from one of the assclowns hosing down the pavement. At least I have experience putting out gasoline fires; clearly, the Brno safety workers did not.