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Lamborghini Aventador: Lamborghini Aventador Style

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The Lamborghini Aventador; it’s big, brash and comes at you with styling that’s like a right hook to the jaw. The interior is straight out of a stealth fighter and the noise it makes from its massive 6.5-liter V12 power plant is nothing short of sublime. 0-60 mph comes up in 2.9 seconds and, if you have enough road, it’ll top out at 217 mph. Not to shabby for a car made by a bunch of Italians who live on wine and cheese. Lamborghini’s, especially their V12 super cars have always been more of a street thug when it comes to driving. Their handling always came in second to top speed and styling, but thanks to some very stiff competition from the likes of Ferrari and Porsche, Lamborghini was forced to step up their game. There is however one inherent problem with this though. You see this is a Lamborghini, which means that regardless of its technology and power, there should always be that little bit of it that can turn into Dr. Jekyll at any moment. Sadly, it appears that the new Aventador has lost that personality trait.

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