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Lamborbiker’s Hubless Wheels Draw Topless Chicks

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Ever wonder what the lovechild of Nikola Tesla and Ferrucio Lamborghini would look like–in bike form?

Yeah, we have, too.

Thank God designer Flavio Adriani has finally put all our amateur MS Paint doodles to shame with his latest CGI creation, the Lamborbiker!

Adriani wanted to pay tribute to those two innovative minds who’ve brought us wireless electricity and vehicles whose sole purpose is to dispose of rich douches en masse. Needless to say, we have great respect of Adriani’s work. Tesla’s mustache provided plenty of inspiration by itself, but Ferrucio’s face, as we all know, had little to no aesthetic value whatsoever, and as such Adriani pulled design elements from the much sexier Countach to complete his design.

Those wheels aren’t just magical either, they’re fully functional. Called Osmos hubless wheels, they were created by Dominique Mottas who literally reinvented the wheel in the 1980s. Never heard of him? Well, now you have. The technology is fascinating, so you should probably go make yourself a more educated person by reading up on how it works. Chicks love guys who know all sorts of seemingly inane trivia, too.

It took 5 months to bring the Lamborbiker to life onscreen. Adriani’s work was selected during an online design competition promoted by software giant Caligari. He focused on bike design because car design has been “more focused on different problems in the world,” such as looking as hideous as possible in order to prove that you’re a good person concerned about the environment. Adriani is hoping that his 3-D automotive designs will snap people out of such eco-friendly nonsense like the lunchbox-shaped Prius or the Rollie-Pollie Volt from Chevy.

No word yet on whether or not hubless wheels actually attract topless chicks.

Check the gallery and tell us what you think.


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