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LA Doctor Under Fire For Converting Medical Waste Into Biofuel

Posted in Biofuel, Bizarre, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | December 22nd, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Craig Allan Bittner has recently been placed under formal investigation by the California health department for illegally using medical waste to manufacture biodiesel. Apparently, Bittner used triglycerides from the fatty tissue extracted from his patients during liposuction procedure to create his own homemade bio diesel fuel, appropriately dubbed “lipodiesel.” Although Bittner claims that he received widespread support from the environmentalist community for his innovative fuel supply, Bittner’s contribution to preserving the ecosystem is not what has been called into question – it’s the means through which he acquired it. Not only is Bittner’s recycling of medical waste in direct violation of California law, but several former patients have filed lawsuits claiming Bittner’s lust for lard left them misshapen. According to Andrew Besser, the attorney who represents Bittner’s victimized clients, Bittner permitted both his girlfriend and his assistant to perform medical procedures sans official license which they ultimately botched, extracting too much fat and leaving the patients disfigured.

Unfortunately, legal proceedings have reached a standstill after Bittner boarded up his Los Angeles practice, Beverly Hills Liposculpture, in November and fled to South America.

Source: Forbes

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