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KTM To Build An All-Electric Enduro Race Bike

Posted in Emissions, Newsworthy, Plug-In Vehicles, Racing, Sportbikes by Vito Rispo | October 21st, 2008 | 1 Response |

The future of off-road performance bikes may be in lithium-ion battery packs. Within 2 years, KTM plans to roll out a zero emissions, all-electric enduro production bike. They say it’s a full on race bike, fully capable of hitting the track.

So far, the only specs we have on the bike are it’s torque (29.5lb/ft), and it’s power source (lithium ion batteries). KTM says the bike will be capable of lasting 40 minutes under “race conditions” and that the batteries can be fully recharged in just one hour. But what are “race conditions”?

The electric setup, lithium ion batteries + the electric motor, will weigh almost 40 pounds, but they’ve shaved off almost that much by getting rid of the fuel tank, clutch, exhaust pipes, etc; so weight doesn’t seem to be an issue. The price will be higher than a traditional bike though.

What’s the reasoning behind this though? Motorcycles are hardly a major polluter. Well, electric bikes don’t make nearly the same level of noise that internal combustion ones do. KTM board member Harald Plöckinger says “(Because of the lack of noise) we can bring the Enduro sport again more near in the centers of dense development and cities.”

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One Response

  1. skadamo says:

    Can’t wait for the KTM to hit the show room floor. Two years should give Zero and Quantya some time to get a solid foot hold on the electric dirt bike market. So, in two years we should have 3 manufacturers to choose from. Would love to see some urban enduro races. You could hold them in all the abandoned housing developments :D