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KTM Annouces Prices for X-Bow

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*Photo Credit: KTM

This is the KTM X-Bow, an open air sports car that was designed specifically for track day fun, but that is however, street legal. It weighs in at under 1,800 lbs, has no roof or windshield and can be had in a host of different configurations. It will also cost you a mere $88,500 if you plan to purchase one here in the United States. Technically the X-Bow will be sold as a kit car and will come to the U.S. sans the Audi engine and transaxle. That means after you shell out that $88,500, you’ll then have to give KTM another $7,900 for the bits that make it go. Oh, and let’s not forget that we’re only talking about the base model or X-Bow “Street” here. There is also the X-Bow Clubsport for $103,500, the X-Bow Superlight for $134,500 and the mighty GT4 for $139,000. That’s a lot of moola’ for a car with no roof, especially when the other roofless wonder, the Ariel Atom starts at just $49,980. It’s my guess that KTM will probably sell a total of 6 cars here in the United States. One to a serious buyer and the others to posers who just want to say they have the latest and greatest.

Source: Autoblog

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