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Kobe Bryant Drives A Smart Fortwo Brabus

Posted in Celebrity Cars, People, Smart, Videos by Kurt Ernst | April 2nd, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

Maybe we’ve been unduly harsh on Smart through the years. Sure, Mike and I would rather stuff a live weasel down out pants than drive a Smart, but that doesn’t mean their cars are wrong for everyone, or in every situation. Take this ad, filmed for Smart in China, which shows how useful a Brabus edition Smart Fortwo can be if you’re a pro basketball player trying to track down an art thief. There’s no way Bryant could have hunted the guy down in a Bentley or Maybach, which goes to show that Smart Fortwos do have value for urban dwelling, crime fighting, basketball superstars. Video below.

Is it just me, or would the ad have been more believable if the Smart were rolling on 22” wheels, with a subwoofer cranking out threshold-of-pain level bass? I’d like to know how much they had to pay Bryant for this sub-minute ad, but more than that I’d like to know how they got the six foot, six inch star to fit in a Smart Fortwo.

Source: Autoblog Green

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