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Knight Rider Movie Burns Up Sunday Night TV… Had Enough Yet?

Posted in Ford, Movie Cars, Mustang by will bee | February 18th, 2008 | 2 Responses |

As the Knight Rider TV movie began on NBC at 9pm there was a certain level of nostalgia within me that made me want to watch. That nostalgia was reinforced upon the intro music that featured the classic music for the show that then gets digitized. By the end of the intro the nostalgia was replaced with a tiny shrug. As the movie progressed and the trademark villains maintained their vigilant pursuit and the trademark heroes were chauffeured around by a sometimes sweet Shelby Gt500 KR that uses the voice of Val Kilmer to whisper sweet nothings in your ear it felt as though they had stepped right back into the shoes of the 1980’s version.

When you break down the pieces there is really nothing new about the script style, the casting style, the film style, nor the acting style. As time has grown on I personally have stepped away from series television on the major networks because the formula that they have relied on for so long has worn quite thin. The Knight Rider Movie as it made its debut on NBC just may have ripped through the last fragment of stitching that was holding that formulaic material together. And having a last moment appearance by the Hoff himself at the tail end of the two-hour even may have been all that was necessary to shred the fantasy and bring us back to a modern day reality of I can’t believe they made this.

However, there were some interesting things… so follow the leap. 

First of all the Mustang Shelby GT500 KR, despite many not wanting it to appear as K.I.T.T. in the show does show well on TV. And that is a good thing because it certainly owned the two-hour time slot. Not only was Ford the prominent vehicle throughout the show, but they also owned the commercial time too. Dominating the commercial time was a Ford Sync/Focus/Knight Rider commercial that featured Justin Bruening in character as Michael heading out for a date in a new Focus with K.I.T.T. following him in “back-up” mode. It was nearly a mini-series of shorts that killed time between the parts of the movie. For some (or just me) that was just a bit over-kill.

Oh, wait. Did I say that there were some interesting things? My mistake.

If you missed the show odds are you will survive just fine. If you are feeling nostalgic and want to see it for yourself I am sure you will get the chance. If you are a TV viewer and were not impressed with the new Knight Rider TV movie then leave your comments and let NBC and the like know that you demand better. Or just turn off your televsion and enjoy the quiet for a change.

Hopefully, that is it for my TV show reviews and we can go back to the business of real car news.

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2 Responses

  1. Almaguer says:

    KITT is a great car. WOuld love to own one. But I am still partial to the 60’s Mustangs!!

    Love the old classics. I got one on Mustang Power Cars website.

  2. No, i havent had enough yet! That car is just awesome. I wonder if people will mod their cars after the movie?