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Kit Cars: DON’T DO IT!

Posted in Bizarre, eBay Motors, FAIL, Funny, Lamborghini by MrAngry | June 15th, 2010 | 4 Responses |

Lamborghini Countach

In this world we have many wonderful things. The sun, the moon and yes, we have eBay. eBay is an interesting place to visit because you just never know what’s going pop up there. My favorite section is under automobiles, specifically the “Replica/Kit Cars” section. There are all sorts of interesting creations here. People try, but rarely succeed, to build a better mousetrap than some of the worlds best automakers. My favorites are the guys that try to duplicate the legendary Lamborghini Countach. I found this gem awhile ago on eBay and honestly, it’s just painful to look at. From its over sized BFG’s on the rear to the “oh so tastefully done” 1980’s Pep Boy wheels, this is a car that should be taken out to pasture and shot dead.

What I want to know is: why? If anyone has ever built a kit car please chime in here and educate me. You KNOW it will never be as good as the original, and unless you’re a mechanic, body man, glass guy and wiring specialist the car will most likely come out looking like this poor Lamborghini wannabe. What’s the deal people?

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4 Responses

  1. ds440 says:

    LOL! What are you saying!? That Lambo is HOT!

    Seriously, I have to agree…but I would add that I have seen some nicely done Cobra kit cars. Although I wouldn’t put those in the same category as the “Ferrari”/Fiero fiascos or that stellar Lambo example above.

  2. Here kitty kitty says:

    ..umm, the Rossion Q1 is an insane kit car. This company recently emerged from the former Noble manufacturer. Now, this is a top notch kit car.

  3. Driv3n says:

    Rossion is a kit with supercar performance and looks, another maker of great kits is Factory-Five.

  4. Kenneth McAlpine says:

    The Q1 is an insane car but it is a kit in name only for for US regulatory reasons. As far as I’m aware not one US customer has self-assembled a Q1. Certainly everywhere else in the world, outside the US, the car will ship from the factory fully assembled.