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Kickboxer: Two-Wheeled Madness

Posted in Bizarre, Featured, Motorcycle Rides, News by Dustin Driver | February 28th, 2011 | 4 Responses |

You may remember Ian McElroy. A while back he wanted to stick a Subaru boxer four cylinder into a motorcycle. Well, that simply wasn’t awesome enough for him. Now he wants to build a motorcycle equipped with a turbo-charged diesel mill. And both-wheel-drive.

McElroy’s original Kickboxer concept was nutty enough: A rip-snorting STI engine shoehorned into the space between two motorcycle wheels. It was an awesome concept, an over-muscled streetfighter with a blind hatred for anything conventional. Now the Kickboxer is even angrier, and burning oil.

The new concept is built around a four-cylinder diesel boxer built by Fuji Heavy Industries (parent company of Subaru). It’s not as pretty as a riced-out STI thumper, but produces far more torque, a jet-like diesel whine, and copious amounts of black smoke. A win on all accounts.

The Kickboxer II also has an updated front swingarm design and new turbo plumbing.

Lastly, McElroy has designed a two-wheel-drive version of the Kickboxer II. The system uses a circuitous triple-chain setup with a jack shaft, idler sprocket and a drive axle. It apparently works in computer models and is feasible for the road.

McElroy says he has all the parts for the Kickboxer draw up in CAD and could have them CNC’d in a jiff—if he can get some funding. Then the Kickboxer can break out of the virtual world and into ours, snarling and spitting vaporized rubber and incredulity.

Source: Autoblog

Below: Original Subaru-powered Kickboxer concept.


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4 Responses

  1. Canrith says:

    It is between this and the tomahawk for ‘things my sense of self preservation would never let me ride.’

  2. BigRuss says:

    this would never work in reality… its a great idea and all but just loose the front drive… the diesel power would be INSANE on launch but i have a feeling it would fall flat on its face past 4k RPM… the only possible situation this setup would work properly is land speed racing/drag racing… and thats just because your going straight….

    and Canrith, you gotta lose that sense of self preservation, you will never really live until you hit that edge and play footsie with the devil…

  3. Well, the orange one is one-wheel-drive, so there’s that.

    I question the two-wheel-drive model, even in a straight-line drag race. Twist the grip and all the weight shifts to the rear wheel anyway. Would it help in corners?

    My guess is the two-wheel-drive is just there to be awesome.

  4. Siddharth says:

    How helpful can a all-wheel-drive setup be on a bike?