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Kick CAMARO aSS With New Go-Fast Parts For Your S-197

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The Camaro SS has arrived, and the 8 year lull of the Pony Car Wars has finally ended. Mustang owners face a much worthier adversary in the 430-hp SS than in Dodge’s portly Challenger. That thing gotta Hemi? Yeah. Yeah it does. But the problem is it only has one. Owners and advocates of the Kowalski-missile have already retreated from the battlefront, redefining it as a “Muscle Car” rather than a “Pony Car” and glibly accepted all the connotations that go along with it. It’s big, it’s loud, it has a ferocious bark, but like the mean old dog next door, it’s too heavy to jump the fence and do any real damage. Meanwhile, the SS is approaching Shelby levels of performance in stock trim.

Of course, the Mustang is the favorite son of the aftermarket, and frankly, no one really (really) lusts after a stock version. The brilliance of the car has always been its ability to be upgraded, customized, and built to supercar levels of performance. So blue-blooded gear heads aren’t that worried. Roush, Saleen, Steeda, Whipple, Kenne-Bell, Vortech, Procharger, and many many others have already established reputations for boosting, porting, and stroking Mustangs to license-revoking perfection.

But there are some new kids on the block, ready to arm the S-197 for battle with the SS.

The stock 2010 Mustang is only about .2 seconds behind the SS from 0-60 mph, mostly due to its 500 pound weight advantage. So a little boost in power should help it keep pace. But if you want to blow the doors off the sucker–as it were–you should look more in this direction:

Techco Supercharger for the 4.6L V-8


Techco’s flagship 3.0L reverse-revolution twin-screw supercharger is the largest on the market for the Mustang, and the full kit includes likewise the largest intercooler system and the most horsepower per pound of boost available as well. The “reverse” part of the equation refers to the direction of the lobes, which are inverted to “allow for front inlet induction.” (Translation: the intake is in the stock location.) As a root-style blower, it offers instant throttle response concentrated at the bottom end of the RPM range, great for fast starts and instant engine detonation. Techco is quite proud of its product, and in their press release refer to numerous ground-breaking, “patent-pending” innovations that are really just too boring for anyone to really care about. What we care about are numbers. And Techco can deliver–given your engine internals can take it.

And miffed Challenger owners will be happy to know this same unit can be configured just for them. Check them out here.

Impulse Engineering Twin-Turbo Kit


In conjunction with Garrett Turbo, Impulse Engineering has probably the most complete twin-turbo kit for the S-197 available. And for $9000 you can get everything you need to finally have something in common with all of those Ricers ripping new ones out of their fart-cans at Sonic. Like every 3 valve 4.6L engine, power is limited to 480 rear-wheel hp with stock internals on 91 octane. But forge some new innards and you have 1200hp+ on tap. And we all know, there’s nothing cooler than the sound of a really big blow-off valve. Pssssssst!

You can get of piece of this here.

Impulse Engineering Big Brake Kit


Impulse Engineering also has this little insurance policy once the lights start blinking on your little dash-mounted radar detector. The details are simple: Two-piece 14″ rotors, six-piston Wilwood Calipers, stainless steal lines, street or trak brake pads, five colors, $4,825 for a complete front and rear set. All more than enough to best Chevy’s Brembo set.

Personally, I don’t believe in brakes. A few good downshifts and the engine-breaking should take care of it. (Editor’s Note: Yeah, he meant to spell it like that.) If you still want some, go to the same place up there.

Eagle Stroker Rotating Assembly


If you’re old school, scoff at forced induction, and prefer to beat the SS N/A horsepower for N/A horsepower, here’s a stroker kit for you. Like other kits, once stroked, you will own a genuine 5.0–only this one is really fast.

You’ll need to go here before your dreams of having a four-digit horsepower rating turn up on the dyno can come true.

Granatelli Tire Fryer Lock


Let’s say you can’t afford any of the above items. That’s okay. Just intimidate your opponent with a nasty burnout–you know, talk a language they understand. This ABS compatible kit lets you to lock the front and rear brakes at will, allowing you to send smoke signals to ALL of your kin who are on reservations (or a cruise ship) anywhere in the continental U.S.

Granatelli has tested their product to withstand 30G’s. But they’ll sell it to you for a lot less than that. Sounds like a deal to me.

ChaseCam In-Car Digital Video Recorder


What better way to remember your spanking of a mullet-haired Camaro driver at the redlight in front of the Walmart the track than this handy digital camera. It has battery or external power available, is fully programmable, and field upgradeable. It will also help the cops properly identify you later on youtube, so smile big! Check them out here.

DISCLAIMER: Ridelust does not accept user-submitted videos of illegal activities perpetrated on public streets, only links to said videos.

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