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Kia Publicly Bears Its 2009 Soul, Calloused, Jaded Auto Bloggers Unmoved

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Scheduled for its official unveiling at the Paris Auto Show in October 2008, Kia released photos of the finished 2009 Kia Soul a month early to an eagerly awaiting press . Cleverly sidestepping the more apt “Polly Pocket Import Car”, Kia is describing the new Soul as an “urban crossover passenger car”, obviously looking to cater to that large demographic of urban youths who are interested in compact, fuel efficient cars.

2009 Kia Soul

2009 Kia Soul

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From Kia Motors via The Torque Report:

Kia’s sharply-stylish new segment-busting Kia Soul is set to win over minds as well as hearts at the Paris Salon de l’Automobile in October 2008 with confirmation that the urban crossover will come to Europe next year with a choice of fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines.

Kia Soul will go on sale in mainland Europe next February with a choice 126 ps diesel and petrol engines based on the DOHC engines already fitted to the hugely successful, European-built, Kia cee’d – with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions, depending on model. Right-hand drive production is due to start in March 2009.

The diesel engine generates 126 ps at 4,000 rpm and maximum torque of 255 Nm at 2,000 rpm. The all-aluminium petrol engine also produces 126 ps at 6,300 rpm and 156 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm.

“The Kia Soul is a brand new urban crossover car packed with chic design, liberating ideas and cavernous passenger space for active people with busy lives,” enthused Paul Philpott, Managing Director of Kia Motors Limited.

“And we can’t wait to see it on UK roads in the Spring of 2009 where its unique modern looks and strong individual appeal will make it a ‘must-have’ for everyone from young singles and couples to more mature motorists who insist on putting fun into their driving,” he added.

Kia Soul is a five-door hatchback with front-wheel drive, a high roofline and an unusually long wheelbase. The key elements behind Kia Soul’s striking appearance are its vertical measurements. Overall height is 1,610 mm but the base of the windscreen is 135 mm higher than a typical compact car, the hip-points are 120 mm higher and the ground clearance is raised by 45 mm.

Access to the new Kia Soul’s spacious interior is remarkably easy and the cabin will deliver head, leg and shoulder room that matches or beats many larger vehicles. Generous headroom (1020/1005 mm front/rear), legroom (1070/990 mm front/rear) and shoulder room (1403/1400 mm front/rear) will ensure Kia Soul can easily adapt to the changing demands of its owner when pressed into giving friends or family a lift!

Looking ahead to the Paris Show debut, Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer, Kia Motors Europe, commented: “Kia Soul is about surprise and style and the experience of sitting in the Kia Soul is unique. First impressions will make a big impact. Tall doors and high-mounted seats make for easy access and an airy interior, yet the ‘laid-back’ dashboard design, triple dial instrument cluster and thick-rimmed steering wheel create an unusual combination of spaciousness for passengers and cosiness for the driver generating a very special ambience.”

Kia Soul will be manufactured at Gwangju facility in Korea from November 2008. In the USA and several non-European markets a 2-litre, 142 ps petrol engine will also be available.

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  1. Hako says:

    This car is the latest on my short-list. A test drive in the of ’09 will answer a lot of my questions. As it is, I love the quirky “I’m a lil urban and hip, but not really” presentation.