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Kia KND-5 Concept Drops At Seoul Motor Show

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When a single teaser image of the Kia KND-5 Concept was released earlier this week, we were under the mistaken impression that it would debut in prototype form bearing its production title of “VG.” Thus, given it’s obvious similarity to the slightly more humorous, significantly more obscene term, “VD,” we were quite looking forward to the questionably-named concept’s formal debut at the Seoul Motor Show. Unfortunately, now that the day has finally arrived, we’re disappointed to learn that although Kia’s new full-size sedan may hit dealer lots with a name that sounds inspired by the CDC, the concept’s actual name of “KND-5″ is far less amusing.

“Why all this obsession with the name?” you ask impatiently, “Shouldn’t you be telling us about the car.” Relax, it’s a Kia – granted, it does look vaguely like a 5-Series, but it’s still a Kia. The “luxury sedan” styling is admittedly impressive, but the engine options are nothing to shake a dipstick at. The KND-5 itself is powered by Kia’s 3.5L Lambda V6 and will most likely be joined by a 2.4-liter I4 and 3.8-liter V6 on the list of engine options.

While official drop dates have yet to be announced, but Kia has confirmed that the VG will hit the Korean market first with a U.S. introduction scheduled to follow sometime next year.

Source: Kia

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2 Responses

  1. Tyler says:

    I think the car is bad ass, and who ever wrote the colonm is a complete tard!!!! Look at what Kia is becoming, they have come a long way, and they are going to suprise you!!! This company is going to be bigger than Toyota and Honda could ever dream of!!! Who nows it might even compete with BMW someday!!!!!! Take a look at the facts, Kia’s cars are kicking their competitors in all fields!!! Price, Warranty, MPG, HP, Product Quality and Reliability, standard equipment, hell they even have more room too!!!

  2. donny says:

    wow, kia knd-5 looks good! i would like to get one! kia is makeing a vary nice car! its not the old kia people know! its a new kia wow, kia came a long way! i love it! people will be getting out of there bmws to get a kia knd-5! lol! i wont to see what the msrp is going to be!