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Kia Cadenza Takes Page From Hyundai, Targets Luxury Buyers

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To give you an idea of exactly how enthusiastic you should be about Kia’s newest reveal, the first thought that sprung to our minds upon seeing it was “Hey, switch the vowel and throw in a consonant and you could spell ‘Credenza’.” Then we started to think about the old retired school desk we’re currently using as our workspace and how we might benefit from an upgrade, and then we thought about scouring Craigslist to see if we could find something better. Our thoughts then wandered down a slightly dark path regarding the quality of humans that tend to lurk Craigslist, and we eventually got up to make another pot of coffee and briefly peruse the furniture classifieds.

What we did not do was remember how this sudden interest in home furnishings arose, for that is how uninspiring we find the Cadenza. Granted, it’s still less offensive than similar vehicles in its class but its only really attractive feature is its rump, which means the 2011 Cadenza can only be appreciated when its driving away from you. The inherent symbolism there is obvious.

Despite our underwhelming initial review, however, given Kia’s impressive display with the Forte we’re actually intrigued to see what kind of presence the Cadenza will bring to the market. Like the Genesis from fellow Korean automaker, Hyundai, the 2011 Cadenza is intended to compete directly with the likes of the BMW 5-Series and other Tier 1 manufacturers all with a MSRP not expected to exceed a cool $30k. Engine options have not yet been confirmed, but rather disappointing rumors hint at the strong possibility of a 4-cylinder. We’ll keep you posted as more updates surface.

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