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Ken Block’s Gymkhana World Tour Highlights

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Ken Block World Tour

Ken Block just recently finished up his gymkhana world tour and with it comes not only some great highlights, but loads and loads of tire smoking action. Block started his tour in Vienna, Austria, then hit-up good ole’ Los Angeles California, with his final stop happening in Melbourne Australia. Keep in mind that this tour contained not only the antics of Mr. Block, but also some of the best freestyle motorcyclists in the world. Adam Jones, Alastair Sayer, Martin Shenck and Blake “Bilko” Williams were all on hand to partake in the festivities. That meant that not only were fans treated to some of the best four-wheeled hooning around, but they also got a first-hand look at what it’s like to fly ass-over-tea-kettle on a big-bore motor-bike. There’s no doubt that Block’s tour was a phenomenal success, however now the big question is, when is the next Gymkhana video coming out?

Source: Youtube.com

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