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Ken Block’s Corona Rally Debut.

Posted in Ford, Rally by MrAngry | March 31st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

God Bless this guy. First he makes it big with his company DC Shoes, then he makes two of the most watched automotive internet videos to date, and now he’s ripping it up in the WRC. This is a guy that truly knows how to enjoy his life. Ken Block busted onto the automotive seen with his two Gymkhana style Youtube videos, whereby he thrashed multiple Subaru Impreza’s in performance maneuvers that can only be described as epic. Hell, his video’s have racked up over 17 MILLION hits… that’s a shitload for those not good with numbers.

Mr. Block is now driving the Monster Energy Drink Ford Focus WRC Rally Car and is apparently doing quite well for a rookie as the above video demonstrates. One thing that you’ll notice is that this is a humble Dude. He seems to take everything in stride with a pretty carefree attitude, he’s also a master at marketing himself. This footage is from his rally debut at the WRC Rally in Corona, Mexico. It was put up just seven days ago and already has almost 20,000 hits. This is not only great for Ken Block, but videos like this help to really promote a great automotive sport that is not followed too closely in this country. Here’s to hoping Ken Block will be able to change that.

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