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Ken Block Signs Onto Team Ford For WRC, X-Games, & Rally America

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Ken Block DC Monster Ford LOW RES

Decorated rally racer and DC Shoe co-founder Ken Block, one of Subaru’s most valuable assets in catapulting them to the height of their popularity, is now working for Ford. Famous for his stunning X-Games performances and Gymkhana viral videos (featured after the jump), Block’s legacy within the motorsports circuit is well known by even the most casual of fans and Ford has essentially landed themselves the golden marketing ticket.

Beyond the scores of devout broskies that worship in his wake, Block will also bring to Ford the street cred of a second-generation fanboy. “I am stoked to be rallying in a Ford. They are an impressive force in the sport,” said Ken Block. “From the days of the 1970s Escorts to the Group B RS200 to the modern-day Focus and now the Fiesta, Ford just does an excellent job at rally and I couldn’t be happier to now be part of this amazing heritage. Not to mention my dad would be proud. He was a dedicated Ford guy.”

Equally excited is Ford, who has gained another invaluable asset in promoting the highly-anticipated rally-bred Fiesta. “Ken Block has established himself as an action sports competitor and a rising star in the world of American rally racing,” said Jamie Allison, director Ford North America Motorsports. “We are excited to have him on our team to help promote our new global products, the 2011 Ford Fiesta and 2012 Ford Focus.”

Block’s first rally appearance with Team Ford will be in the 2010 FIA World Rally Cup Championship, full-length coverage of which will be available from Discovery Channel HD. For those of you broke bastards who aren’t about to spend $50 extra for the premium cable package, WRC TV also provides live (FREE) coverage at WRC.com.

Check out Ken Block in action

Source: PRNewswire

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10 Responses

  1. SNAK3 says:

    Ken Block is such a BAMF, but now since he’s going to Ford he’s going to learn first hand about some of F.O.R.D.’s acronyms

  2. El Doctor De Peligro says:

    Seeing more attention to rally racing in the states is making me excited.

    Maybe we can get a big rally stage in Maine or Colorado.

  3. Mike the Dog says:

    @SNAK3: You mean like “First On Race Day”?

  4. Dustin May says:

    This is a huge coup for Ford. Stealing a driver away from one of the most successful rally teams in WRC is huge.

  5. El Doctor De Peligro says:

    The thing is…he has to go against Loeb, Hirvonen, and maybe when/if Gronholm races.

    This is going to be an exciting season

  6. SNAK3 says:

    @Mike the Dog: Not quite

  7. Mike the Dog says:

    @SNAK3: Favorite Of Rally Drivers?

  8. SNAK3 says:

    @mike keep trying

  9. El Doctor De Peligro says:

    @SNAK3 Ford holds 3 out of the top 5 Manufacturers’ standings in WRC

  10. Mike the Dog says:

    @El Doctor: I was giving him a chance to gracefully back out of the “obvious tool” category, but apparently he’s happy there. C’est la vie…