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Ken Block Is Just Like You And Me

Posted in Cars, Drifting, Ford, Funny Videos, General, Racing, Rally, Videos by Kurt Ernst | July 31st, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Fame, fortune and a supernatural ability to drive a race car haven’t changed Ken Block. Just like the rest of us, Ken gets to take out the trash, put the mail in the box and head to the grocery story. It’s HOW he does this that differs from you and I, and it’s what makes the latest ad in Ford’s Fiesta marketing campaign particularly entertaining.

You can’t have Block’s car, which is probably a good thing since you can’t drive like he does, but you can win a customized 2011 Ford Fiesta. Through their latest promotion, in partnership with ESPN to promote this year’s X Games, Ford is giving away a tricked out, rally inspired Fiesta. There aren’t any details on upgrades, which are most likely cosmetic, but a free car is still a free car and we like the new Ford Fiesta quite a bit. Want to enter? Head on over to Rock It Like Block for your chance to win.



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