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Katy Perry’s Life Ball MINI Cooper Makes A Faaabulous Entrance

Posted in auto industry, BMW, Cars, Celebrity Cars, Cooper, Mini, New Cars, Newsworthy, Pop Culture by Suzanne Denbow | May 4th, 2009 | 1 Response |


Ordinarily an automobile covered from stem to stern in fuchsia leopard print and rhinestone heart appliques would draw our immediate ire, but fruity accessories on a MINI Cooper are about as noteworthy as fruity accessories on a gay pride parade float. This particular MINI, however, is not merely a flamboyant exercise in excess, but a flamboyant exercise in excess for a good cause. Officially dubbed the Life Ball MINI, the ostentatious ute pictured above was designed by Puerto Rican Phillipe and David Blond (collectively referred to as “The Blonds”), for pop singer Katy Perry to motor down the Blue Carpet with at this year’s 17th Annual Life Ball to benefit AIDs research.

“MINI is a long-standing Life Ball Partner with an exceptionally fine understanding of how to incorporate creativity into the fulfilment of a partnership, explained Life Ball organiser Gery Keszler. “Year after year, the Life Ball MINIs created by the designers of the Life Ball Fashion Shows provide stunning evidence of this. The Life Ball MINI 2009 will be a special edition reflecting a life in the limelight; after all, international pop star Katy Perry and New York’s The Blonds – the designers of this year’s Life Ball Fashion Show – are responsible for the Life Ball MINI. The signature features of the pop princess and the cutting-edge designers are sex appeal and maximum glamour, set off by striking, richly decorated, knock-out accessories. I wish the future owner lots of fun with the Life Ball MINI.”

Source: MINI

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  1. musik titel says:

    I think Katy Perrys songs are just amazing, her songtext always make me smile and still there is a deeper meaning behind it. Does anybody know where I can get an autograph of her?