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Kamikaze Birds Are A Danger To Motorcyclists: Keep Your Visor Down

Posted in Bizarre, Motorcycle, Sportbikes, Suzuki, Tips by Vito Rispo | December 21st, 2008 | 1 Response |

Extreme fear of pigeons is called “peristerophobia”, while extreme hatred of pigeons is called “logical thinking”. Not only do they carry diseases and poo on everything in sight, they also actively seek out humans to smash into. Review the video evidence, and check out Tim Skilton’s story.

Tim was riding his Suzuki SV650 down the highway, minding his own business attempting to get home as quickly as possible. He was doing 125mph, wearing a Arai Condor helmet, with the visor down. Suddenly, without any time to react or understand exactly what was happening, a pigeon had flown directly into his visor. Check out the rest of the story and the pictures:

He said the pain and shock was amazing, and he could hardly keep control of the bike. Luckily the road had just been repainted so he could still make out the lines through the blood and tears feathers painted all over his visor. He took the helmet off and realized his face was covered in blood and his nose was twice its normal size, probably broken. Fortunately his friend was following behind him and called an ambulance.

He made it out alive with two black eyes for a while and a permanently tweaked nose. Without the visor, however, he most likely would have been killed.
Moral? Always keep the visor down… or don’t drive 125mph. But I realize the latter is unlikely for many motorcyclists, so just remember the former. Visor DOWN.

via visordown.com

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One Response

  1. DaveyDave says:

    makes you wonder how all of those Harley riders keep it rubber side down for as long as they do, huh?