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Junior Ferrari F40 Impresses California Native.

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Ferrari F40

Kids and cars, they’re like kibbles and bits or peas and carrots. As children we grow up around automobiles and we love them because of what they represent to us and how they make us feel. We start off small with things like a little red wagon, and then graduate over time to the likes of big-wheels and go-karts. There is usually however one crystal clear moment in our childhood that sparks our love of all things automobile related, and at this years Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance I think that at least one little Dude discovered his.

Meet Sawyer, a nine year old California native that happened to be cruising the Gooding & Company automobile auction with his dad. On the one hand there was the full size and simply stunning Ferrari F40 just waiting to be auctioned off, and on the other, and more suited to a nine year old boy with a big imagination, was an exact replica of the F40, only at one-quarter size.

Ferrari F40

Equipped with red leather racing seats, working pop-up headlights and an 80cc Honda engine, this little F40 would be the perfect compliment to any young mans garage. The only obstacle would be the $35,000 price tag that goes along with it. Sure it’s big bucks for what some would consider to be a toy car, but if I were nine years old I’d be trying everything in my power to con my Dad into purchasing this puppy for the old garage.

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