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JR Hokkaido’s rail-cum-road car

Posted in Cars, Design by Corey | December 17th, 2006 | Leave a Reply |

The dual mode rail-cum-road car is the latest model designed by JR Hokkaido Railway Company of Japan. This car can be used to ride on roads and on rail tracks. It is a micro bus with rubber tyres and steel wheels. So it automatically changes itself from road mode to rail mode at stations.

The advantages of using rail-cum-road car are

  • Easy to use
  • Cost is $150,000 which is one seventh of diesel rail car
  • Fuel cost is quarter of diesel rail car
  • Maintenance cost is one eighth of diesel rail car

The vehicle is pulling the attention of small rail operators in Japan. Because the dual mode vehicle’s main motto is to reduce the operating cost of local railway lines. Semmo Line near Shiretoko is eagerly waiting for the first commercial ride of the dual mode car. Let’s hope the rail-cum-road car will bring a new dimension in traveling in the 21st century.

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